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In 2004, Chris Ruffle built Denglong Winery, located in the Qiushan Valley in the Three Valleys of Penglai, adjacent to the Lafite Winery, the only Baroque Rothschild in Asia invested in 2009, with a latitude of 37.6 degrees north, creating the 3S needed for grape growth. Sun, sand, sea.
The same production area, noble and not expensive, brews the most cost-effective wine, welcome friends to come to this collection. Qiushan Valley, named after the mountains and rivers, is named after the Qiuqiu machine. It is located at the edge of Qiushan Lake and is 190 meters above sea level. It forms a unique small regional climate. It is blessed with unique conditions to attract many international wineries.
From Australia's brewing technology and excellent management experience, from grape selection to yield control, combined with our leading fermentation technology advantages and rich experience, we are dedicated to brewing high quality wines, which are more in line with the taste of Chinese people, and the caps are The design is also simpler and more generous, easy to store and drink.
The winery follows the concept of “integration of knowing and doing”, determined to organically grow, control per mu, select grains, and produce 18 hectares (270 mu) of winery with a production capacity of “no more than 50,000 bottles”.